The Womens Secrets is an independently owned, online only newspaper. The publication was founded in spring 2017 by passionate, traditionally trained journalism graduates who aim to bring Memphis news to a digital landscape.

Mission Statement

Our goal is to amplify voices from places that are otherwise drowned out or ignored. We want to accomplish this by acting ethically, both journalistically and socially. We want to highlight the people, places and things that make all those smaller off the gird places great while also recognizing that there’s always more beneath the surface.

Gene Jaramillo
Gene has been into market research industry for last 3 years. He has a interest and deep knowledge of research industry. He has a stint of experience working as Editor.
Raymond Benfield
Managing Editor
Raymond has worked with multiple media houses and is currently leading a team of journalists and writers. He has a interest and knowledge of research industry
Gene Gracia
Staff Writers
Gene is a writer and editor who covers science, technology, and sustainability. He works at Prudour Network, where he is the Executive Editor, Grand Challenges.